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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  July 13, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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now on ffx 45 earl he edition. yesterday's storms were just a taste of what we could ggt today. heavy showees could move in and who would get the worse. some say rain, rain go away in front of them. how much theemoney the storms saved the farmers. little magic to he ooioles stands. why he is in need of a disappearing acc hiiself. ú 3
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good morning. it'sstuesday, july 13th. a wee rainy start to this morning over the inner harbor in good morning, i'm patrice harris. a check in with meteorologist steve feetig and steve, how loog is this rain going to stick around and who issgoing to get ittthe most. it was nice to get it. >> we needed the raii. we got some rainn we got as much as an inch of almost two inches. >> that storm cameeloud. >> it came through and we have ú ú%ance oo seeing more today. we still haveea flood advisory for the easttrn shore where the rain right now in tte centrall3 and western parts of the ssate, -he time being that is, there's more on the way as we get disturbances rolling through the area ann upper level disturbances and kicking up a shower or thunderstorm, won again especially with the thunderstorms. 75 in d.c.
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77 tte temperature in salisburyú ú%d 69 in hagerstown.3 still see the humidity. 81 degrees for tte high, the forecast with the showers and thunderstorrs especially for th3 afternoon hours as the front heads in our direetion, too. we will talk mooe about the timing f the showers and thunderstorrs in a little bit. right now we will go to candace welcome back.about the trrffic. >> reporter: thankkyou, steve. we are talking about the storms ú% watch ouu for fog and slick this morning.ou head out there as for the beltway at harford road, things looo great out there on the both the inner and outer stretch. that is wat you will find froo 95 toward 83. %-there.hing to get in the way that's a look at the morning travels.3 patrice, back over tt you.
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inside wwst baltimore. iivestigators are trying to figure out iffheavy rain and higgs winds are to blame but neighbors say it aal to could have been avoided. megan gilliland with a story you saw first on fox. ú%> good morriig, patrice. this is what is left of 608 est crews worked much of lasttnight making sure what was left of this home isssafe. but eighborsssay it wasn't safe to begin with. concerns to the city about the growing inside of it. after several calls to the city nothing was wrong and the home %--rumble.acant continuee to3 now there's a car a vacant houue and a family insisting that it could all haae been avoiddd. >> why did they have to waii or something tragic to happen. >> if they had listened to me
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from the beginning, this wouldn't have happened. -p>> a spokesperson from the ci3 about he house. lightning from yesterday's storms may be to blame for a house fire in northwest baltimmoe. 3:30 in the afternoon at there were people inside offthe home at the time, but no one was hurt. haa claimed two morr ives.wave the deaths wereereported in harford county in baltimore city. both viccims were senior citizens who had other serious health problems. officials say the temmerature inside of the harford res dents homes are over 100 degrees when the officers arrived. the homes did not have air-conditioning. that brings the total of heatt related deaths for he year to 12. a woman dies after the motorcycle she is riding on is rear-ended. it happened yesterday on eastbound route 400near mary
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vatsville road. the passenger on the bike, c ecilia amado was taken to thok traama. was not hurt. an investigation is ongoing. it happened while at a world cup watch party in ubegu uggnda. at a restaurant when the bomb went off, one of two atttcks3 sunday with another happening at ú%rugby club. at leastt50 people have been killed and dozens more injured. emily's parents aae flying to south africaawhere she has been transferred for better3 treatment. so far mom and dad havennt been able to talk to her. >> om and dad want to be there anddtheir feelinggis they can't
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be with their daughter and it's3 just gut-wrenching. >> emiiy is student. she was on a missionntrrp with hee grand with a pennsyyvania ú%urch. %-an 18-year-old in cussody in connection with a double -he weekend. the sheriff's office says he and brook shot two other 18 years old on yook shire drive in -dgewood. brook is facing charges included both a at the present timed %-both teens shot are listed in stable condition.3 james mason the 3rd was chargeddin bothh nciddnts last week. he picked up four teenage girls ii dundalk drrve them to aa3 friend's house in annapolis. heeallegedly brought hem lcchol and offered them marijuana before having sex with two of -he girls who are 13 and 14 years old. mason remains in jail. an off-duty baltimore police
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ú%ficer accused of gunning down -n unarmed man innide of the city nightclub is indictedd yesterday a grand jury indicted officcr tajambi..3 he shot tyrone brown 12 times killing him during an off-duty argument. police were quickkto say thaa his aations were not in line with training. ii a rare press connerence the city's state attorney addressed the issue. >> i have been working in the course of the last 15 years tryyng to educateethe ollce as3 well as the edia. theestate attorney's officc had a role in the prooess to follow and we did that. ú% if convicted of murder parole. aces a life without
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we will talk to a legal analyst about the indiccment. that is coming up in the 6:00 hour. maryland's governnrrrace is thh new poll shows governor martin o'malley and former governor bob ehrlich are the resnnck poll did a poll over tte phone. responders prefer on candidates and 5% is undecided. a ssrhave a released llst week showed ehrlicc ahead for the first time leading by 3%. >> stay tuned to fox 455morning news for continuing coverrge of we will talk about how rellable polls are in a race four months out. that is coming up in an hour. don't fooget the fox 45 neww has the lateet information on the run for governorr
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go to and click on the 2010 ivon in the news features stage. the ooe bam adminnstrrtion s trying to sussend oil drilling in the gulf of mexico again. the interior department sayss33 ú%ere are new questions about safety and response capabilities and until thooe questions are answered a drilling suspensionn3 is essential..3 attorney general errc hooder may not be finished chhalenging arizona's mmigration law, but as major garrett reports, the %-backlash by the president's on %->> reporter: a handful of democratic governors and top %-potentiaaly damaging pooitical consequences of the justice ú%%-immigration lawwhe arizona's ú%ey saiddvoters want to heaa about joo creatioos. ret in called the iming oo the
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lawsuit and its effect onnthe democrats this all. governor bill ritter who decided %-eepressed similar ank anxiety. thh white house acknowledged3 didn't dominatt the discussions. while the timing of these things eems to be inconvenient3 the dministration is here to do what is right not and to examine the calendar aad see whaa it's right. >> they underssand that it affectsstteii states as wellland that we have only mirrored theú federal law..3 >> reporter: the justice departmmnt is trying to block the arizona law from taking if it fails attorney general eric holder promises to file another law. >> in that case we wwuld have
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the tools and would bring suit on that asis. says that it's >> everybody is focused on the3 %-anything that seems like as distraction from he economy is probably creating some heartburn. >> reporter:: supporters of house has picked ays the white politicalcally hazardous fight. across the country.g concern the arizona governor is telling the lawmakers you guys rr out of your miid. not all offthem agree, look at the california where the republican nominee not only opposites thh immmgration law, to declare that opposition. the arizona law is quote not right orrhis state. attthe white house. major garrett, fox 45 news..3 coming up on the early edition getting away with
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murddr. %-they will find out who did th. >> why many killings are going unsolved this year. and s much as an inch or two inches of rain fell yeste [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens virginia,
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talking about the dusty ashy soil instead of being the good tough i hat you're upposed o
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ú%ve. -or eeks farmers have been -rying to catch up. farmer tom pumping almost 20 hourssa day, still crops like tobacco, beans and soy are in -eopardy. it means tens of thousands of dollars for farmers but it's all nature. >> you put everything into t and watch your crops to suffer. if we don't get this share, if we ddn't get a cup of more shares, it ii over for all of -s. >> reporter: desperrte imes. even though it has more drought like conditions will start to take aabigger toll on ppicing at the markets and the gru!grocery store as well. we will talk to farmer tom aaout that and the beautiful shho we willlhave here soon. the bottom line even though a lot of us don't like it, we all should be rrotiig for rain. smith, early edition. a lot of us would like o
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get rain. meteorologist steve feetig is here, we will get more throughout the week. we have had an inch to 2-inch deficit since june. yesterday as much as an inchh3 fell attthe airport and twoo3 inches of rain downtown. that'ssa lot of rain in a shortú peeiod of time. weewould like to see it spread out, neverthhless we'reegoing to get more rain right now. the eastern shore seeing more shower accivity that over the place of maryland. the rest of the state not too bad, just rrther dry. %-and you see showers and modere through it looks like queen anng county and points nortt and eaat. and ab better den aber abbrdeens furthhr north. as we go down to the part of the easttrn shore and centrevilll gettinn modeeate shower activity and also a little further points
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south a little bit mmre iito seeper delaware and ottee points of delaware into dover. thht is where the rain is concentrated for the time being. we do have lightning spikes still stormy in the eastern shore this morning. the rest of the state getting a littte bit of relief. ttere could be fog where we are not getting rain werr we had rain yesterday. aad we see shooers and thunderstorms moving toward the eestern delaware. ú% see morr activity during the we areenot under a slighh risk ttat remains to the south nd keep in mind we could see decent right noo the model shows about 2 inchhs of rain for baltimore ú%ea and where there's local aiz iced thunderstorms we could get as much as an incc or two, quite difffrent from the totals we are looking at. the shower activvty through this morning and the thunderstorms that follow-up, it looks like the afternnon, probably as the frontallboundary approaches. weehave many chances for showees and the front moves through by tomorrow later in the daa and we see reliie as far assrain but we get the heat and humidity
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builling as the jet streams -ttys to the north for the remainder of the week and we continue to pump the heat and -umidity for the next everal days. the dew points in the 70s. it will be more humid once again as we head toward the high temperatuue in the eastern shore of 84 degrees. that looks better, but with the hhmidity it will definitely feel a little warmer. 5, 15 milee per hour are the winds and again the showers with the afternnon thunderstorrs possible. later morning and thunderstorms the central part of the state as we get the upper level disturbances rolling through. 85 degrees for the high in the ceetral maryland and the western part of marrland where we could see thunderstorms lattr. 84 after 6:000p.m. after hitting the high of 86. 22or :00 in he aaternoon i would say and he temperatures3 back ff a little bit..3 down to 74 overnight, a warm and humid night, still howerr still cannt rule out an afternoon possible with the heat and humiddty in place. 90 degrees for the high. a breek on thursday as far as
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the rain goes and mooe sunshine, too, but 94 degrees for the high aad 94 again on friday. an ooernight shower or late thunderstorm on friday and late saturday. a possible hower for friday in 88 on monday with partly cloudy skies.3 -ow for a look at what is happeninggon the roads. candace dold is here back witt the traffic edge. rrporter: thank you, steve. you need to be caaeful, because you could find debrie on your commute this morning. as for what is happening, 62 miles per hour traveling on road. justtbe aware ii baltimore there's a law enforcement ccnvention that continues today3 ú% starts at 6:00 right at the you will find the delays along 395, 99 and the fx s well..3 checkiig in on 95 right now, let's check it out at 395 and very light activity there in both directions. we'reeliking it so far this morning. a little bit faather doonntaking
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the bbltway on the southwest corner, we don'tthave incidents to talk abouu, but letts see ow the volume is shaping up in frederick road. we will see the cars starting to filttr in and inner loop lanes inttothe triple bridges. that's a look at morninn commute.3 back to you. thank yyu, candace..33 %-storm.'re takingg mericaaby ♪ ♪ teen sensations the jonas brothers have been rocking out aad stealing hearts since they hit the music scene. the boys are coming to jiffy lube live formerlyyknown as the nissan pavilion. tickets are sale now but we're going to get you there for free. all this wwek ww're giving tickets away to theejonns brothers live in concert. stay tuned for your can chance . americansing plaguud by lower credii scores.
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i honestly believe they will find out who did i 333
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police aae searchinn for crews ii the murder of a stand down in the streets of baltimore.
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people arr getting away with murder than arrested in baltimore city. >> it's just a eal, real tra tragedy, you know that, they shoot on the streets. >> reporter: early july 5th, someone guns down star baskeeball player expected to one day reachhthe nba. >> everybody knows he got a real future. >> reporter: as family and friends attend crowder's viewing. %->> reporter: his killer continues to rom roam the stteef baltimore. %--his year where sommone got ay with murder. aafox 45 investigation finds 70% of this yeaa's homicides remain unsolved. >> when you have voil thanee is going onna!!---iolence that is t this rate plus witnesses that
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don't wanttto cooperate with police it slows the proccss. >> reporter: homicides rom the previous years have been ú%eared this year..3 evvn with that number factored, baltimore has solved or cleared fewer murddrs this year than the national average. >> you have to take into consideration ow these cases murders that baltimore detectives have to innestigate. >> reporter: for crooder's grandmother sse continues to hold on hope. ú% they can't squeal, they can't talk. somebody knows who killed my grandson and i honestllybelieve that they will find out who did that. >> reporter: oy lepola,,fox 45 morning news. out oo the 108 murders so far this year, 32 of them have been solvee. edition, aafamiliar place going bb a new place. why ymca officials are decidee to make the change.
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>next it's not signal.
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airborne. beautiful. and strong. there to ensure the most powerful transmitter is you. rule the air. >>a bad precedent for american shoppers why stocks are bbck on the rrse. watching how mucc money coopanies are making the second
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quarter eernings signal icking off at bell. %-on seconn quurter profitsump meannhile optimistii about the future. then you have the bp saying tha3 the lean up cost at $3.5 billionn reports thatt t might sell $3 billion wortt offits oil stakeein alaska. a new low for americann3 shoppers a report showiig that more than 25% of consumers has what is considered a poor credit rating. meaning it's harder to the the consumers to get bigger cars and heety loons. the ffund her offthe mmeia company wants to sell its shaaes anddtake it private. they valuud play boy at coming up a connvcted rapists admits to murrer. the jail time he could receive at today's sentenning aad why this is isn't his last court
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appearance. a
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